MICRON MHE supplies a complete range of specialised forklift attachments in South Africa that serve a variety of applications across various sectors in our country.

Through extensive experience, a support from a highly skilled and dedicated team, and access to materials and solutions that add value to our clients’ operations, we have positioned ourselves as one of South Africa’s leading suppliers of specialised forklift accessories and solutions.

Our complete range of products include a range of functional and affordable forklift attachments in South Africa, from appliance and bale clamps to camera systems, handling drums, forward bin inverters, and much more.


Our selection of specialised forklift attachments ensures the right solution for all types of applications and facilities in the commercial and industrial sectors, and include the following specialised solutions:

Appliance Clamp

MICRON MHE Appliance Clamps are widely used in the handling of ‘white goods’, both in factories and warehouses, as well as other types of materials packed in cartons. The large surfaced arm pads, along with the high-friction vulcanized rubber lining, allow load handling with a reduced clamping pressure. This grants safe handling and reduces load damage risk. The arms have a rigid structure in order to ensure a uniform clamping force on the load surface.

Easy-Move: The intelligent solution to damage-free handling of white goods.
In the white goods industry, the handling problems caused using incorrect clamping force create a serious risk of damaging products. Insufficient pressure results in the product being dropped while too much pressure can crush it.
The Easy-Move integrates all the technical features of the standard appliance clamp with the most advanced technology in hydraulics, electronics and controlling clamping force.
The system is based on the detection, through laser and ultrasonic sensors, of the type and configuration of the load. The control unit commands a proportional valve that defines the correct hydraulic pressure in the clamping cylinders and therefore the clamping force necessary for the specific case. This sequence takes place instantaneously.

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Bale Clamps

MICRON MHE supplies a wide range of Bale Clamps for all applications; pulp, wastepaper, cotton, tobacco, foam and more. A variety of capacities, opening ranges and arm finishes will ensure that you get the right model for your application.

A thin arm design makes tight bale stacking and knifing between bales easy. Valve blocks and hydraulics are well protected, yet easily serviceable. The bale clamp has a frame design based on special double T-profiles. This feature combines extremely rigid and light design with excellent visibility through the arm carriers.

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Camera Systems

Stoneridge-Orlaco is the market leader in the field of camera and monitoring systems for commercial and industrial vehicles. This means we supply leading vehicle manufacturers around the world. Our systems increase safety, improve ergonomics, create greater comfort and provide for more efficiency.
MICRON MHE is the sole supplier for Orlaco camera systems in Southern Africa. We offer the sale, installation and back up of vision solutions for the following markets: Forklift Trucks; Container Handlers; Earthmoving Machines; Mining Machines; Agricultural Machines; Trucks; Buses; Construction Cranes; Port Cranes; Maritime Applications and Emergency Vehicles.

Whether it is standard set’s, parts or customised solutions Micron MHE and Orlaco offer the full field of vision systems for all your application needs. Our camera and monitor systems are developed and produced according to the highest quality standards.

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Drum Handling

MICRON MHE Drum Clamps are designed to handle standard steel oil drums. Units can be offered either in non-rotating or rotating options. Standard units can either be supplied to handle 1 – 2 or 2 – 4 drums based on the correct unit for the application.

Arms are fitted with interchangeable rubber strips, to avoid damage to drums. Valve blocks and hydraulics are well protected, yet easily serviceable. The drum clamp has a frame design based on special double T-profiles. This feature combines extremely rigid and light design with excellent visibility through the arm carriers. Units can be offered with a rated capacity up to and including 2 tons.

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Fork Clamp

MICRON MHE Fork Clamps are very versatile attachments that can be used as both a clamp, to clamp loads between the forks, and a wide opening fork positioner. A variety of capacities and opening ranges will ensure that you get the right model for your application.

Valve blocks and hydraulics are well protected, yet easily serviceable. The fork clamp has a frame design based on special double T-profiles. This feature combines extremely rigid and light design with excellent visibility through the arm carriers.
Models are available in standard, rotation and manually adjustable forks on request.

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Fork Positioner

MICRON MHE Fork Positioners can be used in most common applications. This unit offers accurate fork positioning with a separate side shift. Standard forks of the truck can be used without modification as the unit comes standard with fork carriers.

The compact structure of the unit guarantees extremely reduced weight, effective thickness and centre of gravity. The excellent visibility is increased by the wide central window of the side shift and fork carriers, making it easier to load and unload vehicles. The fork carriers, actuated by two hydraulic cylinders, slide on a chromed bar in order to ensure fast, smooth and accurate fork positioning. MICRON MHE also offers a heavy duty designed fork positioner for tougher, heavier applications.

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Forward Bin Inverter

MICRON MHE Forward Bin Inverter is a fork mounted unit designed to upend plastic and wooden bins alike. With its unique forward tip design the unit cradles the bins rather than clamping which results in less damages it the bins. This unit offers great visibility and ease of use for the driver when driving into bins.

The forward motion speeds up production as drivers find it easier to align than the old side rotation units when tipping. The unit uses 1 hydraulic function with a sequence valve than secures the bin in the front before tipping. Having the unit fork mounted makes the forklift versatile between a standard forklift truck and a bin tipper. This unit is perfect for fruit and vegetable tipping.

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Mast Height Extension

MICRON MHE Mast Height Extensnion is designed to increase the lift truck height of the existing lift truck mast. By adding the mast height extension to a lift truck, you can increase the maximum height of your racking without the need to change the mast of buy a new lift truck.

Similarly, the mast height extension can be used to improve under-door clearance whilst maintaining greatest possible lift height. The new generation mast height extension has excellent visibility and guarantees 100% synchronization of movement because of its integrated equalizing system.
– Capacities are nominal and based on a load centre of 600mm
– requires one hydraulic function.
– Special capacities on request.

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Multi Pallet Handlers

MICRON MHE Multi Pallet Handlers or single double pallet handlers, can through hydraulic positioning of the forks, pick up one or two pallets at a time. This can dramatically reduce handling time, with an important cost reduction during storage or loading and unloading of vehicles.

Generally, the multi pallet handler is widely used in all sectors characterized by heavy handling of palletized products. Thanks to its high performance this attachment has already achieved great success in breweries and the soft drink industries.

The single double pallet handler allows a handling time reduction of 50% compared to a standard forklift truck. Pallets of width 800 – 1200 mm can be handled and brought together even when spaced apart. Special openings available on request.

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Paper Roll Clamp

MICRON MHE has been the leading supplier of solutions dedicated to damage free paper handling in Southern Africa for more than two decades. Paper Roll Clamps have been the primary choice for many of South Africa’s top paper producers, harbours and printing companies. Our country wide sales and service network provides paper handling expertise, state-of-the-art equipment, dedicated service and handling training.

Paper roll clamps are designed for heavy duty handling of horizontal and vertical paper rolls. A wide range of capacities and openings ensure that the right model is always available, regardless of the size of your project or the dimensions of the paper roll. Dedicated models are available for single roll handling as well as multiple roll handling. Standard mounting hooks and a possibility to use a wide variety of specialized mountings ensure that these clamps can be fitted to any lift truck.

Intelligent Paper Roll Clamps – ‘intelligent’ model paper roll clamp utilizers advanced microprocessor technology to control the main hydraulic functions of the paper roll clamp. This results in the paper roll clamp using the minimum amount of clamping force which prevents paper roll out-of-roundness. When the ‘intelligent’ paper roll clamp is selecting the correct clamping force during handling, it takes the following factors into account: paper quality; roll weight; roll diameter; contact pad friction, roll wrapper friction; environmental factors and dynamic factors.

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Push Pull

MICRON MHE fork mounted Push Pull enables the user to handle, ship and store a wide variety of boxed, bagged, unboxed, cylindrical or rolled goods using slip sheets. The more common use of fibre and plastic slip sheets instead of traditional wooden pallets to handle loads, creates problems for companies where handling of goods on slip sheets is insufficient to justify the use of a forklift truck totally dedicated to this application.

This fork mounted push pull offers the possibility of converting a conventional forklift truck into a specially equipped machine to handle loads on slip sheets without any loss of productivity and with no compromise to safety.

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Roller Forks

The use of pallets in most companies to store goods is unavoidable. But what if you want to save time and space by sending your goods out without pallets? Roller forks offer a new revolution in pallet less handling.

Roller Forks are in fact ‘standard’ lift truck forks with two layers of rollers. When the bottom layer of rollers touches the floor, it causes the upper most rollers to rotate in the opposite direction whereby the forks slide under the slip-sheet without disturbing the product. When the forks are lifted, the rollers ‘fall’ downwards and place the product securely on the upper side of the forks, enabling the product to be unloaded in the opposite loading order.
The unique characteristics of Roller Forks:

  • No hydraulics required
  • Actual weight of Roller Forks is almost the same as standard lift truck forks
  • Drivers visibility is not obstructed
  • Lift truck can be used to perform standard tasks
  • Products can easily be placed on a pallet
  • Loading and unloading is faster than a push pull system
  • Investment costs are lower

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MICRON MHE Rotators are suitable for all applications where the working cycles require load rotation or emptying containers. Rotators are commonly used in a variety of applications such as metallurgical, chemical, automotive, recycling, waste disposal and in food processing operations.

MICRON MHE Rotators are offered with a full 360-degree rotation, continuous rotation in both directions, with an ISO 2328 fork carriage welded to the rotating frame to ensure the use of the existing forks from the forklift truck. Foundry units available in all sizes.

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Telescopic Forks

MICRON MHE Telescopic Forks make it easier to do more with pallets, saving time, space and money. Whether it is double deep stacking, one side loading, dual load transportation or just hydraulic extensions, MICRON MHE has the telescopic fork for all your requirements.

With one and two cylinders in each fork and an integrated equalizer system, MICRON MHE guarantees the best telescopic fork on the market. By double deep stacking, storage volumes can be dramatically increased in warehousing operations. Trucks and trains can also be completely loaded and unloaded from one side, reducing turnaround times and improving safety.

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Tobacco Clamp

MICRON MHE supplies two different options of Tobacco Clamps for handling tobacco boxes. We can offer a long arm unit as well as a high arm unit, each fitted with specialised replaceable vulcanised rubber friction pads for suitable handling.

A thin arm design makes tight bale stacking and knifing between bales easy. Valve blocks and hydraulics are well protected, yet easily serviceable. The bale clamp has a frame design based on special double T-profiles. This feature combines extremely rigid and light design with excellent visibility through the arm carriers.

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Weigh Systems

MICRON MHE offers mobile industrial Weighing Systems. This weighing is integrated in hand pallet trucks, warehouse trucks and forklift trucks. Weighing is made possible in transport and help you improve logistics and production processes within your company.
This leads to multiple benefits of instantaneous weighing, no need for a fixed floor scale, on the go printing and integrated connectivity options via Bluetooth and WiFi to your companies operating systems. You will save time, manpower and improve efficiency of your intra-logistics.

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If you would like to know more about our complete offers on forklift attachments in South Africa, be sure to get in contact with a representative from MICRON MHE today.

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